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bye my darling. this is what she says to me. i hate when im left . for past reasons is why i dont like it. but i guess i can get over that -\ im gotten over most of it. axk~! my seven is headed to sAn FrAnCiScO for the next III three 3 days ;'; sooo ill be alone . & im not paying my phone bill this day - week - month? - anyway. you know i have a vacation type of thing coming in july [] to mexico. ive never been there im not sure what to expect. maybe one day ill go to tj with marilyn. ack^ im going to be kinda sad while she is gone. ill have my bed to keep me company.is that a bad thing? i miss ya. its like a chili pepper's song . of a sad . h@ppy . important situation ..added with a nice guitar solo. wtf? i might - but we'll see. my perfect beauty is what makes me h@ppy . & hands me a cloud to hold when im feeling down . she is my perfectness what wakes me up in morning. shes beautiful. i need a kiss.
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