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plastic bags & orange cones

today - i guess you could say i ditched school. i had an alright day ..i fed ducks & spend a nice day in the sun. i took out all the cds that were in my car & i had about 100 cds. soo right now im ripping the songs onto the computer that way i can have the songs burned on a cd in a mp4 format that way i can have like 100 songs on one cd. pretty sick.[] {} i just found out that my girlfriend was being a punk to me verbally after school. punk. work was crap today. oh! i might be getting a job for the ups ..there pay is sick ..and im 18 soo all i think is sex & candy ..i mean money & clouds. i want to go to san fran!! but no. okay go to sleep. rainy day. http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2003/images/04/09/top.saddam.wall.ap.jpg -- cd ripping cd ripping. i hate the war ..you know what fuck you too.
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