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can't last forever

so am i still waiting for this world to stop hating cant find a good reason for his world to stop hating all this sh!t that happens to me. cant change anything that happens because ...fate ĈøŋŦ®ø£$ everything in this world ..so the decision you think you've made for yourself was already written - you just hadn't read it yet. ---> i got a new replace of a cell fone today because i continue to have problems with the same type of fone. i dont drop it . it just sits in my pocket. sum 41 ' s cd i think is sweet. i finished copying my cds i have like a million songs that i like from all the of them ..so sitting down and taking the time to put them all into one cd will take sometime seeing how i like my music in a certain order .dont ask. just something werid weird wierd with me. okay - dokie umm i got no hw and even if i did i wouldnt do it cause i left my binder in my locker. im 50rRy for today. but i hope everything is going okay. i trust. i love. life will reach its ease with me. or hey ';] i can just clsoe my eyes. comments are to by posted in the 'find me' section - top left - late.
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