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burning cds on the computer ...still... : hi i live in elk grove & im cleaning up the cat poop yum yum. how are you doing? i started getting bored with the black and gray so i thought yellow and black would work coolly. i enjoy the color black. i wear black cloths often. damn i have a sh!t load of cds that i want to rip into the computer file. i keep forgetting to switch the cds cause some take longer than others so i forget to check ..umm like right now. out with audioslave & in with transplants says the cd drive. ive gotten about 23 cds copied out of 157. yep. i hear yeah. i should get crack'n with my homework - i have this tiresome depression project to do ..about the dust bowl and so on. living at that time must of sucked. hard ..i bet a nickle went a long way. that would be sweet . seeing how i have 40 dollars in my pocket now ...lets go back in time and buy some stuff. i like cds.
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One glitch with your layout is that the comments links are black like the background that theyre on. therefore, i have no clue how you will read this... O.O (lol) yes and its good to see a fellow human come out of depressing times into a good mood, just like me... ^^ Well, peace.